News from Citrix Synergy

News from Citrix Synergy 1Here is a good update on some of the announcements made so far at Synergy compiled by Aaron Silber.

  • Citrix is bundling XenApp into some versions of XenDesktop. This is not for an integrated suite, rather, it’s just that they’re including the XenApp license. You can then use XenApp to stream or provide remote ICA seamless apps, but the catch is that you can only to this to your virtualized XenDesktop users. If you want to use XenApp for non-XenDesktop users, you still need to buy the full traditional XenApp package.
  • Current XenApp Platinum Customers can add-on XenDesktop for $95 per CCU
  • Citrix acquired Sepago for their profile management product.
  • Virtualizing a XenApp Server on XenServer only amounts to a user reduction of 7.6% Citrix released a white paper (which was independently verified by The Tolly Group) where they ran performance tests on a typical XenApp server running natively, and then they took the same server and virtualized it via XenServer and only saw the number of users they could put on it drop by 7.6%. Interestingly they focused this paper on only running one XenApp VM per XenServer host, with the idea being that you can trade off the 7.6% fewer users for the other soft benefits of virtualization, like live server migration, ease of deployment, and the ability to use a standard image across different types of hardware.

    Also interesting is that Citrix compared the performance of XenApp on XenServer to XenApp on “a leading virtualization vendor’s platform.” The other vendor had a much worse performance hit, and the XenApp/XenServer combination was able to host 70% more users.
  • New Appliance: Citrix Branch RepeaterNews from Citrix Synergy 2The branch repeater appliance is based on Windows Server, and can kind of be thought of as a “XenApp” appliance, although it also acts as a WANScaler appliance. The idea is that you set up your apps in your central XenApp environment, and then they’re streamed down to the branch office appliance where they’re served locally to branch office users. Pricing starts at $5500.


Thanks Aaron!