New ESX4 is 64 bit Only!

image Looks like I will have to upgrade my Lab machines if I want to run the latest greatest piece of virtualization software!  VMware’s new ESX4 will be 64 bit  only.  My current setup is 32 bit so I will have to upgrade.  VirtualCenter will not require 64 bit Windows though.

I don’t think this will be an issue for most enterprises since most of the host servers I run across are already 64 bit capable.  Lab environments on the other hand will be a different story.  Since VI4 is still in beta, I haven’t really found much in terms of whitebox configurations that will work ( and since it is still beta, things are subject to change – so I wouldn’t want to plunk my ever deflating dollars on hardware that won’t work with the GA).

If anyone finds any good 64 bit lab machines (workstations – preferably for their low electricity requirements), let me know in the comments!