Citrix Farm Cleaner by Gourami

Found this great little Citrix Farm administrator tool on DABBC.comGourami released a free tool called Citrix Farm Cleaner that when run on a Citrix server will connect to the farm, discover all of the Citrix servers and then calculate all of the space being used in the Profile, Print Spooler and Temp directories of those servers.  Once calculated, it will give the administrator the option to clean and delete these space wasting files.  The programmers were crafty enough to exclude profiles such as SMAUser, Default Users and other XenApp defaults in addition to any users that are currently logged into the servers.  You can also manually specify profile folders for exclusion as I did with my Default folder in the screenshot below.

imageIt also sports an automated command line mode for scripting and scheduled housekeeping and NO INSTALL! 🙂

Now for the screenshots! 🙂
image image

Left unchecked, Profile directories can get quite large and begin to fill the system drives.
I noticed in this beta version, it does not calculate the spool or temp directory sizes – hopefully that will be fixed.

Try it free at