Vizioncore vRangerPro – release

For those of you running vRangerPro [Excellent VMware Backup utility by Vizioncore], they just released a new version along with the VCB plug-in that was also updated at the same time.  BE sure to go to their website and download the new version.  According to the release notes, there are a lot of fixes, an upgrade to the P2V engine and full support for ESX3i. 

One pet peeve of mine with the software is it requires you to uninstall everything to perform the upgrade.  It is annoying that the upgrades cannot upgrade the older versions of itself and forces us to uninstall everything and then re-install.  Hopefully this will be corrected in future releases.

But till then, be sure to do everything in the correct order : image

  1. Uninstall prior version of vRangerPRO
  2. Uninstall any vRangerPro Plug-ins (VCB, File level, etc..)
  3. Uninstall the VMware VCB framework
  4. **Backup vRangerPro directory.
  5. [Reboot]
  6. Install vRangerPro
  7. Install any vRangerPro Plug-ins (VCB, File level, etc..)
  8. Install the VMware VCB framework
  9. [Reboot]

vRangerPro is pretty finicky about it’s installation order so I always stick to this upgrade path.

**After uninstalling the prior version of vRangerPro, most everything left in the VizionCore directory are your licenses, configuration and backup history information.  If you back directory up, you can always install a fresh copy of vRangerPro and drop these files in for a quick restoration.