Subject: Drop IO Replacement?

Quick question … I need to give someone a file … do you know of anything similar to DropIO that I can use?

Quick answer … Use the Public folder feature in Dropbox.  You can send someone a web link to the file.  (Dropbox is up to 2GB so it’s even better).

I used to use Drop.IO a lot!  I loved that service.  Needed to send someone a quick file that was too big for email, you could hit this site, set up a quick upload and share out the file to anyone you wanted to with a browser.  Dead simple.  Until they took the service down. (  Bought by Facebook and basically shut down.  So much for relying on a cloud based service.  ( will be the next service I whine about).

Luckily with just about any cloud service that has a decent amount of use, take one away and two more pop up to fill the demand.  My Drop.IO replacement turned out to be DropBox.  Every free 2GB DropBox account comes with a Public folder that will associate a web link with any file you place in that folder.  So now I basically drop the file in my Public DropBox folder on my laptop, wait 10 seconds, right click on the local file and choose Copy Public Link.  Couldn’t be easier.  File size is limited to your available DropBox storage.