Enabling DRS

DRS or Distributed Resource Management allows administrators to schedule automated vMotion based on load requirements in the farm. Under the properties of the Cluster, enable ... Read More

VMware Tools Installation

Just some random documentation I had laying around on the VMware Tools Installation on a Windows Machine. VMware tools allow for a smoother user experience. ... Read More

Enabling NTP on ESX Servers

Time Notes Time drift within Virtual machines is very common. Time is calculated within Operating Systems based on the assumption that it has 100% access ... Read More

Microsoft Operating System Licensing under VMware

For those you with Microsoft Windows 2003 R2 licenses and some sort of virtualization (Xenserver or VMware), you might want to double-check to make sure ... Read More

Patching an ESX server with Update Manager

Update Manager VMware Update Manager automates patch and update management for VMware ESX Server hosts and virtual machines. Update Manager addresses one of the most ... Read More

VMware Distributed Power Management

Enabling DPM on VMware 3.5 / Virtualcenter 2.5 DPM or Distributed Power Management is an experimental feature that in conjunction with DRS , will migrate ... Read More

Remotely Granting Shell access to Root

Grant Shell access to Root By default, ROOT no longer has the ability to SSH into the ESX server. This can be re-enabled for ease ... Read More

V2P Part II

Fixing a BSOD after an V2P using BartPE <p>If you have just V2P'd a server from Virtual to Physical and the server is now experiencing ... Read More

Using Acronis to take an image of a Virtual Machine [V2P Part 1]

Here are some straight forward instructions on how to take an Acronis image of a Virtual Machine. This is part 1 of a P2V migration ... Read More

ESX Home Lab on the Cheap!

ESX Home Lab on the Cheap!

After running my lab on 2 Dell Poweredge 1500 SCs (the Electric Company's Best friend!), I decided to switch to the HP Compaq D530 Desktop ... Read More