3 Things you might not have know about Citrix ICA Session Reliability

More useful Citrix tidbits from Aaron Silber : With Session Reliability enabled: You are limited to 150 concurrent connections by default. Not that you would ... Read More

Planning your VMWorld 2008 Trip!

If you have been under a rock for a while, you might not know that VMWorld 2008 is happening in Vegas this year. (This will ... Read More

ESX 3.5 Cisco Discovery Protocol [CDP] Support

One cool new feature of ESX 3.5 is their Cisco Discovery Protocol Support. CDP allows ESX to capture and broadcast Cisco related information to and ... Read More

ESX Home Lab on the Cheap II – The Free SAN!

Today, XtraVirt released a free iSCSI solution similar to LeftHand's Virtual SAN appliance.Dubbed the XVS, it allows ESX users to tap their unused local VMFS ... Read More

Virtual Machines Device Manager – GIGO

Garbage In, Garbage Out! So, you have successfully P2V'd a physical server to your Virtual infrastructure. No Blue screens and the machines powers up just ... Read More

News from Citrix Synergy

News from Citrix Synergy

Here is a good update on some of the announcements made so far at Synergy compiled by Aaron Silber. Citrix is bundling XenApp into some ... Read More

70GB Snapshot, YIKES!

This week I ran into a 70 GB snapshot head on while upgrading an ESX host. The 70 GB snapshot was the result of a ... Read More

ESX 3.5 Console installation

Here is a quick run through of an ESX server 3.5 Console installation. The console installation is probably the fastest and easiest part of the ... Read More

vRanger Pro Part I

vRanger Pro is an excellent Backup product by VizionCore. The product which can run on a Physical or Virtual Machine talks with VMware (with or ... Read More

Sysprep Windows 2008 in VMware

Today, I ran into an interesting problem using VirtualCenter's Clone to New Machine which integrates sysprep functionality. Apparently, Guest Customization of Windows 2008 is not ... Read More