3 Things you might not have know about Citrix ICA Session Reliability

More useful Citrix tidbits from Aaron Silber :

With Session Reliability enabled:

  1. You are limited to 150 concurrent connections by default. Not that you would want more to one box, but if you did, this can be changed via the following procedure:
    1. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Citrix\XTEConfig add a DWord Value called MaxThreads
    2. Modify the value of MaxThreads to a decimal value equal to or greater than the number of users you expect the machine to support.
    3. After the value is set, stop and restart the IMA Service or restart the machine so that your changes can take effect.
  2. There is a bug that with Session Reliability enabled, you cannot choose to have the ICA listener only listen on a specific NIC, rather you must leave it set to All Network Adapters. The fix for this is to :
    1. Open the file httpd.conf, located in the C:\Program FilesCitrixXteconf folder, in a text editor.
    2. Below the line #Citrix_End, add the following line:

      CgpSpecifiedIcaLocalAddress <server IP address, for example,>

    3. Save your changes.
    4. Restart the server.

      Once you have this functionality enabled, the IP address of CgpSpecifiedIcaLocalAddress in the httpd.conf file must match the actual IP address of the server or you will receive an error stating that there is no route to the specified subnet address. This gets me thinking that if we are using Provisioning Server and the servers are set to DHCP without reservations, we should create a script to automatically update the IP address of CgpSpecifiedIcaLocalAddress in the httpd.conf.

  3. When launching a published application with Session Reliability, ICA KeepAlive does not function. Also, after an ICA session is disconnected on the client side, the session might be recognized as in “active” status longer than the Sessions to keep active setting indicates, this is because Session Reliability handles polling to check its condition itself.