P2V Linux boxes to VMware Virtual Machines

Great write up by Chris Hahn. I also found some additional information on http://conshell.net/wiki/index.php/Linux_P2V Linux P2V procedure Required Software Red Hat / Fedora Linux CD1 ... Read More

Have Citrix Netscaler add a header with the real Client IP Address

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Cookie Required error when running Citrix AGEE with XDS

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Video Issues running Citrix XenCenter from Citrix XenDesktop Session

Video Issues running Citrix XenCenter from Citrix XenDesktop Session

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Latest Citrix Product Naming / Acronyms

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Citrix Provisioning Server Best Practices

Disabling Spanning Tree or Enabling PortFast With Spanning Tree or Rapid Spanning Tree Protocols the ports are placed into a "blocked" state while the switch ... Read More

Extending the BARTPE FIX-VMSCSI plugin

Today while doing a V2P today, I ran into a BSOD. Very typical for V2Ps so I booted up BartPE to fix my BSOD as ... Read More

Citrix XenApp / Edge Sight Anti Virus Recommendations

The following are suggestions from Aaron Silber to help ease the negative affect that standard Anti-virus settings can cause on Citrix servers. As these servers ... Read More