Next Generation of Citrix Certifications

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Introducing the Next Generation of Citrix Certificationsimage

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Citrix Education just announced the rollout of its redesigned certification program. The new certification structure, developed in collaboration with Citrix customers, offers candidates more choices such as certification tracks by role and specialization, as well as streamlined update paths that make it easier for IT professionals to stay current. The certification changes support IT professionals’ need to demonstrate specialized knowledge in key server, desktop and application virtualization technologies.

The next generation of Citrix certifications deliver:

1. Certification by job level
Three levels of IT professional certification are offered, which allow candidates to match their certification path to their job role:

§ Administrator Series – Consists of the Citrix Certified Administrator(CCA), which has been expanded to include tracks supporting Platinum product editions. Also offered is the new Citrix Certified Advanced Administrator(CCAA) certification, which takes the CCA one step further with in-depth product specialization.

§ Engineer Series – Consists of the new Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer(CCEE), which offers seasoned IT professionals the opportunity to validate their ability to combine the coordination of operational planning efforts with ‘tactical design’ expertise and integration know-how.

§ Architect Series – Consists of a re-vamped Citrix Certified Integration Architect(CCIA) certification, which allows IT professionals to hone real world skills with a range of technologies to design strategic approaches to application and workload delivery.

2. Certification by solution
Various paths, including Application Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Server Virtualization and Application Networking, are available, so that IT professionals can align their certifications to the technology solutions most relevant to their job role.

3. Certification by product specialization
IT professionals can achieve specific designations for the latest Citrix products, such as Citrix XenApp™, Citrix® NetScaler®, Citrix XenDesktop™, Citrix XenServer™, and others, to prove their competency and skills on the latest enterprise products.

4. Simplified Certification update paths
With the release of the next generation certification programs, update paths to the newest CCEE and CCIA certifications will be available for current advanced certification holders. These update paths will significantly reduce requirements by focusing on the domains, features and technologies that are most required to advance to the next generation CCEE and CCIA certifications.

For more information on the next generation certification structure, visit > Certifications. Be sure to access the new certification marketing materials for a detailed overview.