Bandwidth, Bandwidth, Everywhere.

FIOS finally made it to Brooklyn and some of us in the office decided to compare results since most of us are on different ISPs.  It’s interesting on a very geeky level. :)   All speed tests  are courtesy of my favorite bandwidth tester
clip_image002FIOS network test over hardwire connection.
clip_image002[4]Business class DSL with VOIP at an office over hardwire connection.
clip_image001Comcast residential cable speeds over a hardwire connection.
clip_image002[6]Business class Optimum Online cable over a Wireless B connection.
image Business class Optimum Online cable over a hardwire connection.

All in all, pretty great speeds to the houses and even more justification to work from Home! 🙂 It was interesting to see the differences at my house between the Wireless connection and when I plugged right in to the switch.