Microsoft’s PopFly Service! – Whack a Twitter Follower!

I stumbled across a great new site called Microsoft POPFLY.  At first I thought it was very similar to Yahoo Pipes which I use to aggregate RSS feeds into personal feeds like this Virtualization one I use in Firefox. (I love the Live Bookmarks)
It is much more powerful.  Not only can you Mashup RSS feed, but you can also mashup other things.  As an example, I created the Whack a Twitter Follower game below using PopFly.  Bear in mind that I have VERY little programming skills. 🙂

Like Pipes, you can reuse other people’s work – So feel free to improve the Whack a twitter Game! 🙂

*Originally for this post I was going to make a Whack a server (the whole Virtualization theme) using images pulled from Flickr but hitting twitter people seemed WAAAY more fun! 🙂
If you want to see your picture pop up for other people to Whack, be sure to follow me on Twitter.

And of course be sure to post your High Score in the Comments!  🙂