Microsoft’s PopFly Service! – Whack a Twitter Follower!

I stumbled across a great new site called Microsoft POPFLY.  At first I thought it was very similar to Yahoo Pipes which I use to aggregate RSS feeds into personal feeds like this Virtualization one I use in Firefox. (I love the Live Bookmarks)
It is much more powerful.  Not only can you Mashup RSS feed, but you can also mashup other things.  As an example, I created the Whack a Twitter Follower game below using PopFly.  Bear in mind that I have VERY little programming skills. 🙂

Like Pipes, you can reuse other people’s work – So feel free to improve the Whack a twitter Game! 🙂

*Originally for this post I was going to make a Whack a server (the whole Virtualization theme) using images pulled from Flickr but hitting twitter people seemed WAAAY more fun! 🙂
If you want to see your picture pop up for other people to Whack, be sure to follow me on Twitter.


p align=”left”>And of course be sure to post your High Score in the Comments!  🙂