Check out LogMeIn Central Beta

If you are reading this, you probably spend more time than you want doing gratis computer work for family and friends. 🙂 If you haven’t discovered the free service, you might want to check it out NOW!  LogMeIn allows you to remotely connect to a PC over the internet and do a screen sharing session.  Very useful for diagnosing and fixing non-network related issues remotely.  Things I like about LogMeIn include the price (FREE) and the ability to access a computer without user acceptance.  This allows me to tell friends to ‘Just leave the computer on tonight’ and I can get to it at my leisure.   Works through most corporate firewalls and is SSL secure.  You do have to initially install an agent on the computer you wish to control and register it with your master account.

Beta testing of the new LogMeIn Central has started and the interface is very nice.  (See below)


New features include the ability to remotely send the client to a PC over the internet (assuming someone is on the other end ready to assist with the acceptance process).

The new Deployment link feature allows you to create a deployment link that the user can access to install the LogMeIn software for free.  Once installed the new computer will show up in your lists of computers under your control.  Very nice for remote phone support.

For me, LogMeIn has been a great time saver and has allowed me to help friends and family pretty easily.  A great service for FREE.