Only have Basic Support? But I bought GOLD? – VMware Support name change

  VMware has rolled out new names for their support tiers.  Gold Support now becomes Basic support and Platinum Support now becomes Production Support.

· Basic Support is for test, development and non-production environments, where basic response time targets and Business Day support is acceptable.
· Production Support is for production environments, where faster response time targets are needed, and 24 x 7 assistance for Severity 1 issues is required.

VMware Support ImageI think prior to the name change, you could go the more inexpensive route and buy Gold support and think ‘Hey, it’s GOLD support – That’s not so bad’, but now say to yourself that you are buying BASIC support rather than Production support and you’ll begin to feel that uneasiness as you hang your head in shame. 🙂 Rebranding the support options makes sense to me.  The existing basic support is 9 – 6 with a 4 hour call back so you can often have an issue today and not receive a call back until tomorrow. 

Production Support on the other hand is 24×7 and live transfers depending on the severity of the issue.  Way more comforting when something goes wrong and you want it fixed before the start of the next business day.
To find out about all of the support options that VMware has to offer.