Can your NetScaler do this? Pimping out the Citrix NetScaler.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the Citrix Netscalers, do it.  They are some pretty neat devices.  The Tech Dev team at IPM has really, in my opinion, shown how cool and flexible these appliances can be with some of the customizations that they are baking into the Netscalers.  Check out the screenshot below.

IPM Customized NS appliance

The IPMer Chatter Scrollbar scrolls Twitter and Facebook status updates from all of the IPMers. 

The Scrollbar is an excellent example of pulling external information into the portal page.  Although our scrollbar flashes through Twitter and Facebook data, any standard or aggregated RSS feed could be fed into this widget.

There is the Support Information tab which allows a user to give all the important Support information to a help desk support person over the phone if they experience any issues connecting to published applications or network resources.

 Support Info Tear  Weather Tear

and of course the  Weather hover!

Not to mention the Single Sign on pass-through for our INTERNAL Timesheet application, our VoIP Portal and Exchange OWA.

I hope this doesn’t come across sounding all marketing and SALESy but did want to post something that highlights some of the enhancements that can be put right into the Netscaler boxes themselves.  I think they are pretty cool and I wanted to see if anyone else was doing anything outside the box on their own Netscalers.

Don’t forget that you can try out a Virtual Edition of the Netscaler @
Both ESX and Xenserver/Hyper-V editions are available for free download.