Update to the Iomega StorCenter ix4-200D : v2.1.30.8298

Today my NAS emailed me.  😉 It was pretty great.  A short little reminder that a new update to the firmware was now available.  I was lucky enough to receive this in the mail from Chad Sakac around Christmas time and it has been great to work with in my home environment.  I currently have 2 ESX servers connected to it via NFS and all the VMs perform like champs (for my home use).  No complaints from the wife or kids! 🙂 (Thanks again for the NAS Chad!).
Back to the email.  A quick jump to the web based dashboard of the NAS and there is a nice and easy link to download the new firmware.
A quick shutdown of the Virtual Machines running and I was off to the races on my update.  I’ve said it before but if you are looking for a great inexpensive addition to your Home Lab, check out the IX4.
Literally a couple of clicks later and my firmware was updated.  Check out the release notes below for information on the update.

General Description: This firmware update provides performance improvements for your StorCenter ix4-200d. Iomega recommends this update for all units.
What’s New:

  • Improved folder permissions, including AFP
  • Fixed iSCSI segment length
  • Improved Video Surveillance integration
  • Fixed minor security issue with external USB devices
  • Improved Active Directory integration
  • Improved content indexing performance
  • Fixed an issue with RAID arrays
  • Improved performance when discovering multiple devices on network
  • Restricts thumbnails to files less than 15 megapixels