New RSA Soft Token for the iPhone is out.

If you have RSA in your environment, here is some cool news.  The new iPhone version of the RSA soft token can now accept standard .SDTID files as an email attachment to import a user’s token seed.  Users can add the token by double-clicking on the file on their iPhone/iPad (it opens a submenu with the option to “open in RSA SecurID”).  The Soft Token software needs to be installed first before the submenu will appear on the iOS device.  This should help speed deployment of user tokens whereas prior to the upgrade, a conversion tool and process had to be used to create special ‘Mobile’ tokens.  One email with the SDTID file as an attachment can now seed laptop, PC and mobile devices.  Users can visit the App Store for the upgraded Soft Token.


Thanks for the heads up Marcos and Eric!