VMware vExpert 2012


The new 2012 vExpert list was released recently and I was fortunate enough to make the list again this year.  For the past 4 years since the program’s inception, I have been lucky enough to be included with some very good company.  This year’s list contains some really smart, passionate and dedicated people.   About 300 in total.  I think this number will likely increase since the program was recently opened up to customers who evangelize VMware and virtualization within their own organizations.

It’s really great to be recognized though.  Blogging can be a lot of work and requires some real dedication in my opinion.  Early on in the process of setting up a blog and sometimes later on, it can feel like you are just talking to yourself in an empty room.  You have to stay motivated and committed to continue posting.  Eventually, people will begin to read, respond and interact.  It’s surprisingly great and very rewarding when you begin to see a community of your peers develop through the sharing and discussion of ideas and information.  Of course, I’m proud to be an active part of that community.

Thanks for reading and supporting everyone on the list.