Dropbox 2012 Quest! Get an additional 1GB of space.


I like Dropbox.  It’s super easy to use, supports all the client devices I need and I’ve found a ton of enhancements that really make it work the way I want it to within my workflow.  For whatever reason, I haven’t ponied up the cash to get more space though.  Instead, I have been taking advantage of almost every possible way that Dropbox allows users to get more free space.  To the tune of 20GBs so far.  Yesterday, they released another one.  The Dropbox Quest challenge.  They did this last year and are back again.  This time offering up another Gigabyte of free space to users who complete the challenge.  The initial challenge was completed in about 5 hours and since then, all the answers are all over the place making this a pretty easy way to up your account limit without much hassle.

To join the challenge (before they close it down), head to https://blog.dropbox.com/?p=1194.

If you are not up for the Challenge and just want the space, you can find the answer key here: https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/dropboxquest2012 Have Fun!