Veeam Backup and Data Domains

If you are running Veeam and using a Data Domain as a backup target, there are a few options in the Veeam configuration that might not seem obvious that can really improve your backup times and windows.

When creating your Data Domain repository in Veeam, be sure to decompress the blocks before writing them to data domain.  This tells Veeam to store raw files and allow the Data Domain to leverage it’s hardware and algorithms to achieve the highest compression.


Under individual Job options, you should also disable inline data deduplication to allow the Data Domain to do a superior job at deduping the data.


Dedupe-friendly compression level and also local target are also advised for Data Domains.

If your Data Domain has a DD Boost license, you can leverage that on the repository to further increase performance and optimization.

For detailed Veeam write up, refer to

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