Printer Review: Epson Workforce Pro ET-8700

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It’s been a few months since my last printer review so Epson sent over the new Workforce Pro ET-8700 for me to review.  This printer is a very similar to the Workforce 7710 but comes in a smaller form factor.  Still the same bells and whistles with Color Printing, Scanning, Faxing and photo printing just in a nice boxy form factor.  This printer seems like a great fit for smaller spaces where you need an all in one but don’t want to take up a whole desk.   This is tall and boxy.


Set up is a breeze.  Took a whole 5 minutes.  The hardest part is tearing all the blue tape from it.  They locked the printer down in every possible way with the tape to prevent any movement during shipping.  The ink system is very different from anything I have seen prior though.  these are like big ketchup packets that you put in drawers on the bottom of the printer.  They are said to have about an 11,000 color page print count per set.  The printer I received had 2 complete sets.   This would most likely be more than enough for a years worth of printing for most typical home offices. 


Initializing the system took a while but once it was ready, the remaining set up was super simple.  Like the prior Epson printers I have reviewed, this one has a nice clear bright touchscreen on the front for set up.  I chose to set up the system using Wifi but there was a connection for a hardwire if that was something you wanted to use.

One of my favorite tests is to immediately print something from my iPhone.  This is how I am going to be printing photos 90% of the time.  Straight from the phone.  Like all of the recent Epson printers, this one worked PERFECTLY!


You can see the normal print wizard pop right up in IOS and the printer is found automagically and the print came out wonderfully.  This was on normal printer paper but I am sure it would have been even nicer on glossy photo print paper.  The whole print took just a few seconds to pop out.  Super easy, quiet and good quality.   Like the printers before this one, I live in the modern ages, so I don’t even bother testing the fax stuff.  If you have to send me a fax, … [Insert Fax/Modem noise here].

I’ve been printing normal business documents with it throughout the day and it’s fast and efficient.  For my home office with moderate printing requirements, this is more than enough printer for me.  The longevity of the printer ink will be something I will watch for but all in all, no issues at all with this printer from set up to printing.

This is a review for the Epson ET-8700 EcoTank All-in-One Printer that I received free of charge to do a beta test and review. 
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Happy Printing!