Need dedicated Antivirus software? Probably not.

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I’ve written in the past about various malware and viruses and usually Microsoft’s Windows Defender had a patch or update to protect or remove the offender.   Prior to that, it was Microsoft Security Essentials.  For most of the past decade, I think I have been just running Microsoft’s built in native and FREE anti-virus protection.   I think I have been well served by that decision.   Recently, colleagues have sent around a study (from March – April 2018)  that further shows the validity of using Microsoft’s own Windows Defender as the sole protection.

Here is a snapshot of the high points from the post but you can read the entire thing here:


Since the folks that read this blog are of the technical sort, when your friends and family ask for recommendations for Antivirus solutions, just point them to the free option they most likely have installed on their PC already.

Safe Computing!