Bye Bye Skype for Business ; Hello Microsoft Teams!

Red telephone receiver

Today I launched Skype for Business and immediately noticed the banner bar below letting me know of the eventual demise of Skype for Business.  Why put off the inevitable?  I promptly uninstalled Skype for Business.  (Using Total Uninstall of course JB!)

I’ve been using Teams for a while now and it’s really become part of my Remote Worker process and workflow.  It’s a great way to keep in touch with my colleagues, share information and stay organized as a group.   With the recent addition of screen sharing;  impromptu web calls and chats can quickly become troubleshooting sessions without ever leaving the app to fire up a Webex.  Internally, it’s been great.  We’ve even been able to extend parts of it with colleagues outside of our immediate company for outstanding collaboration on client projects.  So in case you were wondering, my go to workflow applications are now:

Outlook, Teams and Evernote.  Bundled with some Social Media (Facebook messenger, Twitter and Slack) action and that’s 90% of my application usage for organization and communication.   Both of which are extremely necessary in a remote worker setting.  I’ve been a full time remote worker for about 4 years now

I’m always curious about other remote worker set ups; What are you go to applications for staying organized and connected?

Happy Tele-working!