PSA: You have 1 year to upgrade your Windows 7 deployments!

Countdown to Disaster
Tick tock tick tock!  You have read these warnings before for other software and only you know how those situations turned out! So take heed of the date and the timeframe and make sure you are planning to be on Windows 10 by the end of the year.
  I wrote this on Monday
Extended support ends in 2020 but Mainstream support ended already.  No more free phone or online support and no more non-security updates will be released at this time.  At the end of the countdown clock in 2020 though, even security patches will no longer be put out by Microsoft so it is critical to be off the platform by then.  Enterprises take a long time to move so don’t let the year get away from you.
This post is short and sweet.  Everyone knows what they need to do.  Don’t put it on the back burner.
Happy Upgrading!