Everyday Holiday Smart Lights – Valentine’s Day Edition

EveryDay Holiday Lights

If you are running Home Assistant and haven’t had an opportunity to put up Smart Lights outside, you are missing out on all the fun.  Easy scripting in YAML and some cool themes and you can basically colorize your home differently every day depending on the holidays.  For this quick video, I just wanted to show you how I use the 8 elements in the front of my house to color the house pink(ish) for for February 14th.   February 15th, the house is back to it’s normal yellow tones and Home Assistant is patiently waiting for the next minor or major holiday to celebrate or take note of. Winking smile 

The project parts for this project were :

1 x LED RGB WIFI Controller

1 x LED Light Strip Kit

1 x Power Supply

1 x Outdoor Housing

2 x Aluminum LED Diffuser housing

3 x Hue colored lights.

3 x E27 to E12 socket adapter

and you can read all about the how here : DIY LED Strips 

I dig into the code a bit in the video and of course give you a quick tour of the front house at the end of the video.

Happy Valentine’s Day!