A Quick and Easy Accent Lighting Idea

Today I want to showcase a subtle but awesome upgrade I did to the house. SnapPower outlet covers. These little outlet covers take minutes to install, have built-in LED lights and a light sensor on them, and provide superb accent lighting throughout the house.

They draw minimal electricity using vampire clips and are truly set it and forget it enhancements. You will put these around the house and then just forget about them as they provide lighting bias as the sun goes down. They really help when fumbling around the house with the main lights off at night.

The installation couldn’t be simpler either. You basically remove the old cover plate and replace it with the new SnapPower plates. They have a vampire clip on them that when installed, just tap power right from the actual outlet’s screw head terminals. Couldn’t be easier. Honestly, I didn’t even bother turning off the breakers for installation (BUT YOU SHOULD!)

Check out the video below for a quick overview of the installation.

Happy Installing!