V2P Part II

Fixing a BSOD after an V2P using BartPE

If you have just V2P’d a server from Virtual to Physical and the server is now experiencing a Blue Screen of Death upon Reboot, You most likely do not have the correct Mass Storage Device installed. VMware Virtual Machines are configured to use VMware SCSI Adapters for their storage. When you V2P them to an HP server, Windows requires that it has a Smart Array controller to correctly boot.

You could pre-install the driver into the Virtual Machine and reimage OR you could use BartPE and it’s great plugins to fix the physical box now.

Obtain your copy of BartPE @ http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/

Make sure that your copy of BartPE has the FixIscsi Plug installed.

Additional information can be found for this plugin @

V2P Part II 1


After V2P’ing the image back down to the physical server, power on to ensure that the image restoration was completed successfully.


If you are able to see a BSOD, you have successfully restored the image. The BSOD occurs because the Mass Storage Device Driver is set incorrectly and Window’s cannot find its internal hard drives.


BartPE and SCSIFix plugin to the rescue.

V2P Part II 2


V2P Part II 3



Select NO for networking support. This is not needed to correct the BSOD.

V2P Part II 4

V2P Part II 5Select the Fix-VMSCSI program and Set Disk0 to be C.


Set OS Target Root to C:\

V2P Part II 6


After a short command script window executes, return to select the appropriate Storage Driver for the physical box.

You can also use this feature to select IDE which is appropriate for Citrix XenServer Images.

V2P Part II 7

After selecting the driver, a small command script window will execute.


You may be prompted for the TARGET_ROOT path. Enter in C:\Windows [ENTER]


After the Mass Storage Device Driver insertion is completed, restart the Physical Server and Windows should boot normally.
Plug and Play will kick in and recognize and install other newly found hardware.
Allow this Windows process to complete uninterrupted and reboot as necessary.