Post P2V Batch file information to Automate Cleanups


I’ve been busy doing A LOT of P2V conversions lately and decided to look into automating some of it!  Found these great links to scripting techniques to automate a lot of the clean up tasks.  It is important to clean up after your P2Vs.  Read Garbage In, Garbage out to see the manual way of cleaning up the Device Manager.

My favorite new improved automated way can be found at VMTN Communities by Snapper.   Additional scripting information can also be found at RTFM-ED.

Armed with this newly acquired knowledge and premade scripts, I went to work customizing them to my needs.  Some additions I added were:

  1. Customized DEVCON statements to remove software components in Device Manager that were not needed in the Virtual Machines.
  2. Try to Uninstall VMware Converter Agent and some other Programs
    i.e. MsiExec.exe /x{5573C8A0-AEE4-46AA-81E7-FE803C56AE6C} /quiet
  3. File manager Cleanup i.e. RMDIR “C:\Legacy Crap Software Directories”/Q /S
  4. Disabling and Deleting unnecessary services using SC such as Wireless & Link Tracking
  5. Setting Hardware Acceleration to FULL via VBS

Once all the scripts were written, I just burned the bunch of them into an ISO and attached the ISO to my newly P2V’d machines.  Eventually I will probably write an AutoPlay to just have them kick right off! 🙂