Tweets, Twits, Twitter and Twittering!

imageIf you are looking for more ways to fill your days with endless chatter and virtualization speak – twitter as mentioned before is creating a lot of buzz on the internet.  Since one of the hardest things about starting in a new social medium is connecting with others, @Alanrenouf (an avid tweeter and powershell guru) has put together a great list of virtualization people to connect with (or follow in tweet speak).  To make things SUPER easy, he has also included a great little powershell script that will automatically connect you with everyone on the list! 

Your TODO list:

  1. create a twitter account
  2. jump to his page here
  3. run Alan’s powershell script
  4. dive right into the conversations!*



p align=”left”>*Please do not hold this blog or the others linked here responsible for the ensuing loss of productivity! 🙂