IPM’s Sam Jacobs to Speak at BriForum 2010

BriForum Sam

I am very excited to announce that Sam Jacobs, Director of Technology Development Services for IPM, has been invited to present at Brian Madden’s BriForum 2010 on the topic of Advanced Web Interface Customizations. This conference features the thoughts and presentations of the top minds in the IT world, and this year’s topics include desktop virtualization, server-based computing, user environment management and application streaming.

BriForum is known for it’s preference to deep technical content rather than the lighter marketing messages common at other conferences.  You can check out some prior BriForum 2009 sessions here.  Sam has been in the IT consulting business for more than 25 years and has focused heavily on Citrix Web Interface customization and integration.  With over 3,000 posts on the Web Interface Citrix Forums, Sam is a well respected member of the Citrix Community.

His presentation will go deep into the customizations that he and the TechDev group have been doing for years on Web Interface, CAGs and Netscalers.  If you haven’t seen some of the out of the box things they do, you’re missing out.  If you’ll be at BriForum this year, be sure to check out his session and let us know in the comments.

Congratulations Sam!  Well deserved and long overdue.


P.S. You can find Sam’s slide deck and source code