Refresher : Citrix Client HotKeys

imageA client recently asked me for some key combinations for Hotkeys in the Citrix Client and I honestly couldn’t remember them.  I did a little searching around and couldn’t really find anything on the InterWebs easily.  I did though manage to find this handy Cheat Sheet on Taylor Bastien’s Website.  Check it out for additional Terminal Server RDP hotkey combos not listed here.  The Citrix keys are below and this post is as much for me as for you. 🙂

Citrix ICA Client Shortcut Keys

Key combination Function Similar local keys
The Task List hotkey displays the local Windows Task List for Windows NT 3.51 client computers or the local Start menu for Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 95 client computers.
SHIFT+F2The Toggle Title Bar hotkey causes the Citrix ICA Client window to display or hide its Windows title bar.
SHIFT+F3The Close Remote Application hotkey disconnects the ICA session and exits the ICA Win32 Client. Using this hotkey either leaves the associated application in a disconnected state on the Citrix server or exits the application on the Citrix server, depending on how the application is configured.NONE
CTRL+F1This hotkey displays the Windows NT Security desktop in the ICA session.
CTRL+F2When using this hotkey during an ICA session on a WinFrame server, the remote Task List appears. For MetaFrame ICA sessions, the remote Windows NT Start menu appears.
CTRL+F3This hotkey displays the Windows NT Task Manager in the ICA session.
ALT+F2Use this hotkey to cycle through maximized and minimized Windows of programs that have been opened in the ICA session.
ALT+PLUSUse this hotkey to cycle through applications that have been opened in the ICA session. A popup box appears and displays the programs as you cycle through them.
ALT+MINUSCycles through applications that have been opened in the ICA session but in the opposite direction.ALT+SHIFT+TAB