Date/Time on your RecoverPoint Appliance


Here are some timely tips from Jeff Miller for all you RecoverPoint Appliance owners. Winking smile

How to view the time of your RPA
SSH into your RPA (as a user, not boxmgmt)
type set_time_display
select 1 for local
type get_current_time

How to set NTP server on RecoverPoint versions 3.x +:
Use NTP menu option from the boxmgmt menu.
Make a list of all Consistency Groups (CG). Take note on which RPA each CG is running.
Note! This is an extremely important step as the information will be used to restore Consistency Groups to the proper RPAs.

Connect to the RPA GUI and move all groups off the RPA you wish to correct the NTP time on.
Login as boxmgmt user to the target RPA.
Select [2] Setup
Select [8] Advanced options
Select [13] Set time via NTP or [9] Set time via NTP
Set the NTP server (IP address).

Perform the same steps if needed on other RPAs ensuring that the consistency groups are moved off the RPA before applying the setting.
Re-balance the Consistency Groups across RPA’s as noted earlier.

Verify the time on your RPA is correct.

-Thanks for the Tips Jeff!