Quest Discontinues vConverter.

SNAGHTML14f0e2ddThis shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone since the whole P2V space is really now just a niche tactical market anyway. I would imagine that MOST of the physical boxes that are candidates for virtualization have been either P2V’d already or will be taken care of by VMware’s free VMware Converter.
VMware put out a really great free product that made it very difficult for clients to justify paying for a third party solution like vConverter or PowerConvert. I would imagine you might see some of these products morph into or resurface as cloud migration tools helping Virtual Infrastructure administrators migrate VMs from on-premise to off-premise clouds.

vConverter has reached the end of its product life (EOL) and will be discontinued as a product offering by Quest Software according to the timeline listed below.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011:  End of Sales

Wednesday, November 30, 2012:  End of Support

New sales after the end of sales date on November 30, 2011 will not be allowed.
Renewals will only be allowed up to the end of the support date on November 30, 2012. 

Effective immediately, please stop selling vConverter and remove the impacted part numbers from your price lists.