Possible issue with VMware View 5 and vSphere hardware v8

Jeff Miller ran into some interesting issues with his VMware View deployment and kindly shared. 

I have been working with EMC support for a few months now trying to figure out a strange issue that we have been having.  Our VMware View v5 Windows 7 x64 desktops have been experiencing sporadic and strange issues.  Sometimes the dual monitors will drop to a single monitor and the resolution on that one monitor will drop from 1680 x 1050 to 1024 x 768.  The quick fix is to disconnect from the session and reconnect.  Setting a screensaver to lock, or UserAccessControl popups have cause this issue to surface as well, however the randomness of the error has made it very hard to troubleshoot.  VMware Support has identified the issue and they said for now to stick to hardware v7 and the VM tool version associated with that version in order to avoid this situation.

In summary, if you are using VMware View 5 on vSphere, test thoroughly before attempting to upgrade your virtual hardware to v8 until this issue has been properly resolved.

Thanks Jeff!