XD5 to XD5.6 : Make sure you have some Desktop Groups Defined.


So here is a very unlikely scenario that I ran into recently.  I had an installation of XD5 at a client site and due to some scheduling particulars, I hadn’t been back to work on the XenDesktop installation for some time.  Fast forward a bit and I am revisiting the XD installation and figure before moving forward, let me upgrade the site to XenDesktop 5.6 Feature Pack 1!  The upgrade process moved through without a hitch on all the controllers until I tried to create my first published group. 

No Database user Found.

Grrr.. Apparently upgrading a XenDesktop site without any Desktop Groups will cause the upgrade to silently fail.

Sure, I could have scoured the Citrix KB site to find that article prior to upgrading but it’s summertime! :)  Ohh Well.. Time for a quick rebuild of the controllers, DB and site.

Although the situation and scenario is unlikely to happen to YOU, I felt compelled to write a quick post about it so that I could feel like it wasn’t a TOTAL waste of time! Winking smile

Enjoy your Summer!