Citrix PVS Support Webinar notes

imageAttended a quick 1 hour webinar today on Citrix Provisioning Services 6.x.
(Citrix Support Webinar: Planning, implementing and troubleshooting  provisioning services 6.x)

I think this is a series of Webinars by the good folks from Citrix Tech Support.  Based on this one, it’s worth the hour to jump on and listen.  Very technical, fast and full of higher level technical details.  Not sales-ey at all.

I’m sure everyone on the call heard and took away different pieces of information but here are some of the tidbits I highlighted as interesting from my rough draft notes for anyone who may have missed it.

Single GB Network connection per 250 target clients: This was from a section on hardware minimums.  Although later in the session, they recommended physical PVS servers over virtual, for anyone with Virtual PVS servers, I could draw a recommendation of no more than 250 target clients per PVS Virtual Machine.  An easy rule of thumb metric for scaling out number of required PVS servers based on anticipated numbers of targets.

Network Ports should be set to PortFast Enabled: This is inline with the typical recommendations for VMware host network cards as well.  When all your servers and targets are within the virtual environment, this should be taken care of already but something to take note of for any physical devices (Targets or Servers) in your streamed environments.

I’m sure there were plenty of other things that people found interesting and informative but these 2 jumped out at me.  If you were on the call (there was about 700 – 800 people apparently), what did you find particularly interesting? Let us know in the comments.