Top Virtualization Blogs 2013 Voting (i.e. The vDundies)

Virtualization is a pretty niche technology group. Not as small as it used to be though since now Virtualization encompasses all sorts of infrastructure components. The blogging community around these topics is a pretty tight knit one and it’s that time of year again that you as a reader have an opportunity to show your support for them.

Without getting all ‘Vote for me’ in this post, if you like the blog and enjoy the discussions, I’d love for you to go ahead and click the link to Vote for me. I’ve been in the top 100 blogs for a while now and it’s always nice to move up in the standings. (Sure, it’s a popularity contest but who doesn’t like being popular? Winking smile)

This year I’m also up for Favorite Independent Blogger so be sure to click the radio box on that one as well! (Apparently I’m one of the few remaining bloggers that has been able to resist the temptation of being hired by one of the vendors.)

If you do vote, thanks for taking the time, thanks for reading, thanks for contributing and thanks for the support.  I’m sure everyone else on the list feels the same way as well.

Voting closes 3/1.