Snowed In? Great time to Jailbreak your iPhone.

imageWith the upcoming Snowpocalypse on it’s way, I thought I would shoot out a quick blurb reminding those locked in the Apple iOS walled garden, that you can now break out again. 

Check out to find the Jailbreak program and walk your way through the whole process.  It’s remarkably easy.   Enjoy!

So why do I still Jailbreak?   Like I’ve written before (Why I still Jailbreak my iPhone), there are still some tweaks that I find SO useful to the productivity of my iPhone that Apple hasn’t absorbed yet.  After leveraging a stock iPhone 5 for the past few months, I still miss those tweaks.  Here are some of my favorites.

Folder Enhancer
Folder Enhancer is a great tweak to the iOS that allows Folders within Folders.  I used to love this hack a lot more.  After a couple months without it, I am doing fine without it.  Having a limit on the number of items in a folder actually makes me prune my apps a bit more on the phone.  I’ve changed my behavior to adapt to the Apple limitations around folders.  (For better or worse).

SBSettings is a tweak that really makes my iPhone complete.  Combined with another tweak called Activator, I have it set up to allow me to double tap the status bar on top anywhere on the iPhone and get instant access to a screen of toggles controlling various features of the iPhone.  I use it all the time to toggle WiFi on and off as I travel around.  Sure, I could go to Settings, WiFi and do it there but this is super fast and useful.   If you are on a capped data plan, this one is a sure fire hit to enable/disable data and associated charges.

SBSettings Theming – Date in Status Bar
I cannot tell you how much I missed this the last few months with the stock Apple iOS.  I really hope that Apple eventually absorbs this into the main OS.  Seems like such an easy implementation and is just super useful.


As always, if you have any must have tweaks, drop them in the comments for everyone!