Occupy Hotfix: Citrix PVS patches 66% complete.

imageIt’s always annoyed me to no end that Citrix’s Provisioning Services server hotfixes were manual hotfixes.  Just a zip package with some binaries and a text file explaining where to drop them and what to register.  A recipe for inconsistency and disaster in my opinion.  A pretty good testament to my long standing annoyance is my tweet below to Citrix from August 2011:

<Sarcasm> Hey @CitrixSupport, can you make your PVS hotfixes any MORE manual? Maybe you can try distributing them uncompiled? </sarcasm>
Source: https://twitter.com/ccostan/status/104330883657502721

In last week’s King for a Day rant on Solarwinds, manual patching requirements were considered a capital offense. So I was especially happy to hear from my colleague Rajen Das, that Citrix will now be distributing proper installation hotfixes. (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX136443 – Citrix Provisioning Services 6.1 Hotfix Packaging Policy) finally.

From CTX136433 : “To improve the customer experience, the Server and Console hotfixes will now be provided as an installation package only.”

Strange that it needed to be issued in a policy but glad to see it implemented.   I assume target/client side hotfixes are still manual due the intricacies of streaming but I would still like to see them packaged up proper.  Maybe in 2014.