Citrix PVS Pro Tip : Watch your Slots on VMware!

I was recently creating some new XenDesktop published sets and ran into a Blue Screen on cloned machines via the Provisioning Server XenDesktop Wizard.  I have run into this before and it was normally a Microsoft PnP value gone wrong or something similar.   The familiar 7B error that is also typical of a disk driver mismatch (usually after a P2V) resulting in Windows not finding it’s boot drive.


This time around, it was a VMware SLOT issue.  For some reason, the template machine had an Ethernet slot identity of 33 and the newly created machines were given slot numbers of 32.  Since these machines were streamed, this gave me the 7B BSOD on all machines cloned via the wizard.


Swap the slot number in the VM’s properties and everything booted up just fine. 🙂

Jan’s excellent blog post here put me on the right track to resolution.