Multi Room Audio for the Echo! It’s finally Here

imageSo I’ve written about my Sound/Voice set up at the house before : Giving Voice to the Smart Home

At the time, I really just wished that Amazon would release the ability to group their Echo devices up similar to Google Chrome Cast Audios and give the ability for a user to play synchronized music over all of the devices giving whole house surround…

The time is now.  Here is Amazon’s official Press release.  I’m super excited about this development and glad it is finally here.   It looks like support is for almost everything except Spotify and SiruisXM right now (promised in the future) and there is no support for Amazon Tap just yet.  No indication on whether it’s coming but I don’t see why not.

Some of the neat stuff it can do is be controlled from any of the group echoes.. so play, pause, resume, skip, next, thumbs up/down and volume control all work across the devices and can be ‘heard’ by any of the devices in the group.

Time to start filling my house with DOTS now.

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