IOT Fun!–Interactive short film about a smart thermostat!

Here is a great little interactive film I ran across on Reddit.  It’s a choose your own adventure type movie about a Smart Thermostat.  It’s a common theme a lot of my friends have teased me about in relation to the Smart Home getting a little TOO SMART.


I won’t spoil the fun but it’s interactive so be sure to check out a few different ways the story line can go.  This might be old hat on the internet but I have never really seen this type of choose your own adventure movie on the internet before.  Even if the Internet of Things scares you after this, it’s a super cool use of the web to push a new type of short movie.  At least for me it was.

And if you are still interested in getting a Nest, be sure to click the affiliate link above! Haha.

-Happy Monday!


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