Giving the house a Twitter Account.

It’s official now.  The Smart Home now has a twitter account. 

Why not.   I mean, the house is full of IOT devices that are communicating to the internet.  I have a super smart hub running it all.  Security systems, Lights, vacuums, robots, printers, doorbells and cameras.  Why not bring them all under one interesting umbrella online?

You can expect to see various stats tweeted about the house like charging times for the #Chevy Bolt (more on that in another post), light summaries,  Home Assistant related announcements, new gadget tweets (and product links), new code releases (from @ccostan, Wink, Hue and other vendors the house is tracking),  random stats related to Home Automation, Space, HVAC and other IOT facts.  The goal is for the feed to provide value in seeing a live stream of IOT device communications, discover more and see how some are implemented at my house.  This is also version 1.1 of the feed so expect it to evolve over time as the Smart Home evolves and the feedback shapes it.

Right now!  It’s live.  Just head over to @BearStoneHA and follow it.  I’ll try to keep it to a respectable few tweets a day as to not overwhelm your feed but enough that you will occasionally see something of interest hopefully.  It’s automated so blame the tech, not @CCostan. Smile

The entire twitter feed is automated using Home Assistant.   You can read about in my Repo and use the code to do something similar if so inclined.

Special thanks to my buddy Steve for designing the kick ass graphics and awesome logos!
This is the last post of 2017!  Have a happy New year and see everyone in 2018.