Lights, Camera, Automation! Hue light setup Part 2.

Hue 2
Last Thursday
, we replaced the crappy fluorescent light with a Hue Smart light ( and today we will continue the journey and add it into Home Assistant and create some automations for it.  This light is in my garage hallway and the automations I plan on putting in place will leverage the alarm sensors on the two doors in the hallway.  One door opens, Light goes on, two doors close, light goes off.  Pretty simple stuff but we will dig into the YAML code anyway and dissect it all.

Alarm sensors used in Doors :

Journey to Docker :

Building my Alarm System:

Some additional commits I made after the video were to add the new light to the group files and to add to the Watch Dog Automation.  Of course, you can find all of the updated code at my GitHub Repo.

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Happy Automating!