Routine Tasks; Upgrading Home Assistant to Latest Beta!

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Once you are running in Docker, upgrading Home Assistant (or rolling back for that matter) is really just a few clicks away.  The release cycle of Home Assistant is every 2 weeks so there are always new features, fixes and enhancements waiting once you upgrade.  I have a special script on my Docker machine that I use to quickly upgrade all the containers in my stack.

cd /home/hass/docker_files
docker-compose pull
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d
docker system prune –fa
docker attach –sig-proxy=false hass

This script will pull down all the new images defined in my Docker-Compose file (located in /home/hass/docker_files) and then after downloading and extracting, down the existing containers.  Once down, they are restarted in the background (-d) and then any old files and images are pruned from the system.  These old files and images can take up quite a bit of space over time.

Once those tasks are completed, we attach to the hass container to watch the log as it boots up.  The –sig-proxy=false allows me to connect to the container and then use CTRL-C to exit out without passing that CTRL-C to the HASS application running (forcing the container to quit).

In my Docker-Compose file, I have the rc branch defined for Home Assistant which is the Beta versions.

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Happy Upgrading!