Citrix Smart Tools End Of Life’d May 31st!

Citrix Smart Tools

Released in May 2016, Citrix Smart Tools have been a great way to keep your Citrix farms running healthy by using a collection of tools/agents that ran as a service and checked your farms against documented Citrix best practices.  The Smart Tools consisted of an agent installed locally and baselines/checks that were hosted on a Citrix public facing cloud service.
These Smart Tools included

  • Site Health Checks
  • Auto Scale
  • VDA Checks
  • StoreFront Checks
  • Delivery Controller Configuration Checks
  • and many others

With only 6 weeks notice, these tools and services will be deprecated and EOL’d on May 31st 2019.

In the link : What’s New in Smart Tools, Citrix details the deprecation and list out alternative resources for manually accomplishing the checks.

I assume based on data usage, there weren’t enough people using the services and tools to warrant their continued development.  If you are one of the customers that were using them, the local agents installed on XenApp and XenDesktop machines will cease to function come June and you are advised to be remove them from the systems.  Although they won’t create errors or alerts, over time, they may present security risks since they will no longer be actively patched or developed.

Thanks to Chris Hahn for sending us the heads up alert.

Happy Monday!