Google is shutting down the Works with Nest API.

Hope I'm Wrong!

Announced at Google IO, GoogleNest (as it’s now called) will be shutting down the Works With Nest program in favor of the Works with Google Assistant program on August 31st 2019.  I’ll cut right to the chase and just say this will most likely end up sucking for Home Automation enthusiasts like myself.   The Works with Nest program allowed 3rd party vendors like IFTTT, Zapier and Home Assistant to talk directly to and control Nest products.  The biggest and most popular being the Nest Thermostats.   There are also Nest Cameras, Doorbells and Nest Protects that will be affected.  I’ve been a HUGE fan of Nest from the very beginning when Tony Fadell first started the company and this recent move just doesn’t seem to be a benefit for IOT in general.  It will effectively make the Nest ecosystem another closed, walled off garden that will put smaller IOT devices on the other side of the wall.  No longer will you be able to have a light turn on when someone is at the Nest Doorbell.  Not unless you are using a completely Google/Nest solution.  Home Assistant might only be a growing niche of hobbyists but I think LOTS of people are using IFTTT.  Removing that access will effectively break a lot of people’s automations.  I think primarily the ones that leverage thermostats.  Since HVAC is such an important part of my Smart Home, I will most likely be switching out my Nest Thermostats with Ecobee 4 thermostats.

You can check out this video below to see what else I’ll be doing with the other Nest products in the house.

Thankfully, Amazon Echo devices are just too big to be kept out of the garden and Google will be working with Amazon engineers to port over their skill to the new Works with Google Assistant API.  But who knows how long that will last.  Google is definitely using it’s Nest popularity to drive homes to use more Google Home so as soon as they can cut ties, I’m sure they will.

Happy Automating!


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