Disk 2000 is not Moving – Crazy weird message from VMware

I'm not crying, You're crying!

If you are trying to Storage vMotion a machine in VMware vSphere and get this crazy strange message.

Disk ‘2000’ is not moving, so any transform requests will not be honored.


Be sure to check out the Virtual Machine’s CDROM connection.  I have also seen this error appear as ‘Disk 2002’.
The warning will pop up during the validation and will prevent the VM from migrating.  What is even stranger is that the task will show as completed but the VM will be left where it started. 

Head to the Virtual Machine’s hardware settings and change the CD/DVD drive to ‘Client Device’.  This can be done whether the VM is powered on or off.


Once that reconfiguration is complete, you should be good to go!  Both figuratively and literally. Winking smile

Happy Friday!