IOS Charging not Available Screen!

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I’ve been an iPhone user for what seems like forever and I love trying out the new beta software when it becomes available.  Plus, running betas has done a great job of curbing my need to jailbreak them. Winking smile  I have been running iOS 13 Beta 2 for a while now and yesterday came across a new warning message that I hadn’t seen talked about before.  This was a charging warning that I received after plugging the phone into my car.

I had just come in from the rain and I guess there was some water in the lightning port and the software recognized that and gave me a warning that it would not charge to avoid any damage.  Pretty awesome actually.  This warning allowed me to unplug the phone, dry off the connectors and charging cable before trying again.  I was in my Chevy Bolt and really needed the GPS functionality to kick in via CarPlay so I persisted on.

Although I still received the warning the second time, I was pretty convinced that it was just nominal wetness and hit the emergency override button.  Charging and more importantly, CarPlay kicked right in.

Check out my first vlog style video on the subject!

Stay Dry everyone!