Upgrading VMware App Volumes to 2.17

Upgrading App Volumes Tip

Just recently upgraded VMware App Volumes 2.15 to 2.17.  Very straight forward upgrade with almost no changes visible with the exception of these two things…

UpTime notice!

First up, we now have a nice little uptime stat in the bottom right corner.  Nice little edition that is nothing but useful.

Second up, my edited NGINX.CONF file was recreated back to defaults during the upgrade process.  If you have any custom entries or fields in NGINX.CONF, you might have to recreate them after the upgrade.  For me, this meant re-adding in the entries for the custom SSL certificates for App Volumes.  The certificate files themselves (the .crt and .key) were still in the “C:\Program Files (x86)\CloudVolumes\Manager\nginx\conf” but we had to populate the values in the NGINX.CONF file again to enable SSL for App Volume Manager communication.

You can check out this post for those steps:

Interestingly enough, in that post from last year, we had discussed just replacing the self signed appvol_self_vmware.com.* files with our own certificates.  One of two things would have happened if we would have done that; everything would have continued to work just fine since the new NGINX.CONF file would have had the self signed names (which were our SSL certs) OR everything would have broken because the upgrade process would have replaced the self signed certs back to the default ones.  At that point, we would have had to go find the .key and .crt files again.

I think our decision was the correct one as the NGINX.CONF was super easy to edit and update.

Hope this was helpful!